GoWilson Partners

GoWilson Community App Partner – Share it!

Help drive app downloads and gain a larger audience for your app content by taking a few simple steps to help spread the word about GoWilson:

1) Include an app icon or promotional graphic on your website

2) Add a “GoWilson” banner or app icon to your email signature & newsletter

3) Share the app on your social media accounts - http://gowilsonapp.com!

4) Tell your friends and family to download GoWilson!

The below promotional graphics are available in different shapes, sizes and formats to fit all of these needs. Choose the graphic you’d like, click to download it, or copy the embed code below it, and then paste it into your website.

Be sure to hyperlink to the app landing page at http://gowilsonapp.com so people can easily click to download GoWilson.

Or you can also link to the app store listings: 

Apple App Store Link

Google Play Link

Get Social: “Like” and “Share” the app: http://gowilsonapp.com

Promotional Materials

Rectangle: 300×250 – General App Promotion

Let us know what size to create for the space you are working with and we will create and send to you. Contact us at support@wcn-online.com.